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Reflections from the Web Writers
Posted on 05/13/2019

Reflections from the Web Writers

It has been an amazing adventure teaching and learning with these amazing 3-5 grade students. They learned how to trust their writing, share their ideas, collaborate and meet some deadlines. Way to go Web Writers! I am so proud of you! 
-Ms. Lomas

I enjoy staying in this place because I get to write more. What went well is that I stayed quiet the whole time. I kept coming to this place because…. I like writing. The person who helped me write better was Gaby because she was the leader to us. The experience will help me in the future by helping me write a more interesting informational writing. -Daryan

What I enjoyed about Web Writers was that everybody worked together.  Also, you got to pick what you wanted to write about at the Web Writers. You could also be with some friends because they might be in the same thing your typing about. Are you interested in going to web writers? -Yenna

Being in Web Writers is really fun and amazing because you can learn things that you didn’t know before. The two reasons I come back to Web Writers every week are that on Mondays and Tuesdays I have nothing to do after school and it also sounds like something very important that you have to finish and that puts pressure on me and I like having pressure being put on me. Ms. Lomas really helped me know how to write a good informational article. Being in Web Writers will help my future because I plan on being a teacher when I grow up and this can help my future career. These are the ways and reasons I love Web Writers. -Laurence

I went to Web Writers because it sounded fun, interesting, and you can be famous on the website. I enjoyed working with other people/teammates. Ms. Lomas and Laurence helped me learn how to be a writer. In case I become a teacher, it will help me in the future. -Sage

I went to Web Writers because it sounded interesting, and I never went to an after school program. I think that this experience help me later on because I want to be a teacher when I grow up, and I need to be good at writing, so I saw this as an opportunity. I enjoyed when we all cooperated with together. I enjoyed that because people get to learn more about working together, and I learned a lot more about working with people. The thing that went well for me was that I made many friends, and I have improved with the writing a lot more. -Damian

In my opinion Web Writer was fun, interesting and a good experience I will never forget. What I enjoyed about Web Writers was working together with other people. I also enjoyed learning fun facts about our school. While doing this experience I enjoyed interviewing people and writing about different topics. I chose to do Web Writers because I love writing and so if I did Web Writers I would get to do more of something I love to do. Web Writers have really inspired to do more writing and be a journalist when I grow up. -Skylar

By Arturo

What did you enjoy?

The web writers Beyblade because I like Beyblade.

What went well?

The writing.

Why did I keep coming to Web Writers?

It is super fun.

Who helped me get better at writing and how?

Daryan!!!!!!!! Because he  said what was wrong.

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