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Parks and Recreations Soccer Newbie VS. 5 years

Posted on 03/11/2020

Parks and Recreations Soccer Newbie VS. 5 years

By Naima Austin

Dayanara has been in soccer for 5 whole years.

I have been in soccer for...well I am starting my first year on March 3, 2020. I am Naima and I am in fourth grade and I have been waiting 2 looong years for soccer and it is actually happening!!! I am so excited!!!!!

I am telling you not to be nervous about anything, YOU GOT THIS!!!

Let us see how we both feel about doing soccer this year.

 ME: I am SUPER- gut-wrenchingly-nervous about starting. My cleats and shin guards are my favorite colors though, pink and blue!! Nike cleats and Adidas shin guards. 

Dayana: I am excited, but a little nervous.

Lillian, another soccer player, (starting second year), let us see what she has to say: ”I was happy that I did good in my first year and I am ready to go again!!”

I feel nervous and excited because… Nervous:I am a good player, and I know HOW to do the moves I just do not know what there called

Excited: I have been waiting forEVER and soccer is my favorite sport!!!

There are a couple people who might be on my team because there in my class: Lillian and Dayanara, (Ava got stuck on the waiting list)

If you are doing soccer I hope you know you're not the only one and if you are reading this we might just be on the same team!! And, you will feel better after you start!!

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