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Middle School

Middle School
Posted on 01/29/2020

Middle School

By Eli Sanders 

Have you ever wonder what Middle school is like? Don’t worry cause I’m here to help while interviewing a Middle School 7th grade teacher (my dad!)! The things I write are things I edited from his words about the life of Middle school so you can learn about Middle school from your computer, your phone or whatever thing you are looking at currently to read this article.


Have you ever had a backpack that is so heavy that you feel like it is about to snap at any second and dump out on the floor? In Middle School you have a thing called lockers that almost work like backpacks except they stay where they are as you move between classes which I will talk about that later on. You also share a locker with someone so you both have something to put your important stuff in ( it’s because the lockers are bigger than you expect). They also have a combination to unlock it so no one can steal it.  


Have you ever wondered how a Middle School schedule is like and what is has on it? Well for the most part it has classes that are each 45 minutes long and you start in the commons (Aka: the lunch room) at some time around 8:30 and when you get out at your last class it will be around 3:00 PM. After your 3rd period you will go to lunch unless you have detention during that time. You have 3 or 4 minutes to put stuff in your locker and to get to class, otherwise you will be marked late. 


Have you wondered what the teachers teach? Well for the most part they teach Math, Science, English, PE, Social Studies, Art, STEAM, and Band. Don’t forget that the after school teachers too!    


Middle school is different than Elementary School in many ways in this article. Try and see if you can count them all! There are rotating classes such as Music, Art, and STEAM where during the year they rotate between each other for ¼, 2/4, and ¾ of the school year.   

Thank you for reading this article. I hope you learned a thing or two about middle school from me and my dad’s point of view. We hope you look into our past articles from us the Web Writers or if your kid is in Columbus Elementary and in 4th or 5th grade, you can join Web Writers in our after school program during every Wednesday and Thursday. Bye now! 


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