Sunny Skies for Sunny Slides

Posted on 04/08/2016

Featuring Guest Writer and Photographer Tami Lindsley

Columbus teachers try to find teachable moments in places you might not expect. Even recess can include a fun science lesson. First graders recently discovered that sitting on a small piece of waxed paper makes our decades-old slide nice and slippery! The wax smooths out the tiny little imperfections in the metal surface. These small divots in the metal are caused by decades of Oregon weather, and heavy usage by students! It's one of our most-loved pieces of playground equipment. Sliding on a piece of waxed paper temporarily fills in the imperfections and makes the slide surface feel brand new!

In addition to a lesson in physics, first graders practiced sportsmanship and citizenship by taking turns and watching out for one another's safety during the activity. They also shared their waxed paper with one another, and picked up any stray papers, even if they belonged to someone else. They also practiced good stewardship by making sure ALL the used papers made it into the garbage can at the end of recess, instead of leaving them as trash all around the playground. We wish every day were sunny so that our slide could be as good as new all year long! 

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